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Short Story Sale - "I Lived"

I am pleased to announce that one of my short stories, I Lived, has been accepted for publication by Absolute XPress. AXP and I are forming quite the relationship!

I Lived will be published in Inhuman: Flash Fiction Challenge #4, an anthology of flash fiction tales told from the perspective of a nonhuman character. My story is told from the point of view of a deity who created the human race. When a human dies, his or her soul ascends to the creator's throne where He passes judgment on them according to their life's deeds: if the human lived well, they enter paradise; if not...

The story follows the creator as he judges a particularly rascally human who believes he deserves to spend eternity in paradise despite a life of questionable living. It's a fun tale that tackles what I perceive to be the meaning of life (spoiler: it's not 42).

Inhuman is slated for publication in late July. More details pertaining to Inhuman activities such as interviews and concrete publication details will be made available as I receive them.